don’t seduce me with shakespeare


To love or not to love?

That is the question.

Or so ‘twould seem to the untrained eye

that sees the kaleidoscopic earth

in muted greys and defeathered blues.


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day-

No thou shalt not

For if I held in me the evasive scintillations that constitute a summer

now would be the winter of our discontent.


Many times have I yearned to lie ‘mongst the grass

drinking the sunlight

and eating the earth

and blossoming all the same

For disregarding is such sweet sorrow,


A prophecy once told me

Something vivid this way comes

and still no colors compared to those which I created myself.


This above all-

to thy lone self be true

The selfsame words that contaminate your credence

are those that cut off the heads of stars from their celestial bodies.

I seek the comfort of those with no such tongues.

Th’ bitterness of a plant lies in the root 

And its heart is not so fragile.


There’s rue for you, and for me too,

and devil’s due, the final screw in the machinations of my existence.

The quest is silence.


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