2014 in Insignificant Moments


January 4: Accidentally kicked a cat toy under the couch and used a yardstick to retrieve it

February 7: Ate a burger using a bagel as the bun

February 11: Doodled an ornate teapot in the margins of my Philosophy 101 notes

March 16: Broke a hair elastic and missed the trash can while throwing it away

March 23: Threw away the broken hair elastic that had been sitting next to the trash can for a week

March 31: Wrote the incorrect date on a document, erased it, and wrote the correct one

April 5: Tossed green cardigan into the hamper to wash

April 6: Took green cardigan out of hamper to wear one more time before laundry day

April 29: Ate Easter Peeps that were stale, but not beyond reconciliation

May 9: Found a pamphlet for a spirituality/religion studies ice cream social under the bed

June 1: Laughed curtly and noncommittally at a reprinted Peanuts cartoon in the paper

July 23: Looked at the expiration dates of three different tubes of sunscreen in the “summer stuff” box

August 30: Listened to three consecutive advertisements for Dunkin Donuts on Hulu

September 13: Linked together two paperclips

September 15: Took apart the two linked paperclips to use one

September 16: Misplaced the other paperclip

October 4: Found a copy of Thomas Wright’s “The Romance of the Shoe” at the library

October 19: Typed a Facebook status, then decided against posting it and deleted the whole thing

November 5: Bought a polka-dotted tissue box from the campus bookstore

November 6: Found on the desk a coupon that can be used at the campus bookstore

December 31: Made a list of insignificant moments in the past year to post on a blog


One thought on “2014 in Insignificant Moments

  1. Do you keep an insignificant journal to record these items in? Because I can’t remember a single insignificant thing that I did (which maybe speaks to how EXTREMELY insignificant they are).

    Happy New Year! I hope you find your paperclip.


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