Blogging: The New Craze Taking the Internet by Storm


Summer 2015 is here, and so are new social media trends. Here is an inside look at the cool new way to present ideas and material: blogging.

“Blog” is a clever portmanteau of the words “book” and “vlog”. As the name suggests, a blog combines elements of the information relay of a video with the literary aesthetic of a novel. Because it is entirely writing-based, blogs can be both read and written in close to silent conditions, depending on how vocal your noises of disdain are.

“Blogging is much more accessible to those who are intolerant to video buffering. Studies have shown that being too lazy to find headphones or locate the volume button is an condition that afflicts over half the nation,” states a beautiful and smart self-declared social media expert who has chosen to remain anonymous.

The best part about blogging is that anyone can do it. “There are no qualifications […] you can literally write the stupidest thing that’s every occurred to the conscious mind and publish it yourself. No submission drafts, no rejection slips, no editors…” trailed off one of the interviewees shortly before running out of the room crying “Flatworm fiction was my life’s work and they tore it apart!”

Analysts predict that language will become more text-based over the next thousands of years. “I really think this is The Future,” confides our incredibly intelligent anonymous source.


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