Stream-of-Consciousness Commercial: Toothpicks


Have you ever thought about buying toothpicks I’m sure you haven’t they’re the type of thing that shows up only in a platter of really tiny fruits or really big sandwiches but it’s time for that overly specific localization of a prolific tool to come to an end first of all these toothpicks feature a unique two-sided design so twice the tooth picking power to you you can use one end or the other end or probably not the middle unless you are a dedicated individual and you can build many things with toothpicks like a house or the foundation of a nation or a bulldozer to clear the land for the house or maybe even a toothpick factory to get in on the soon-to-be flourishing toothpick market you can even literally use a toothpick to pick your teeth you can point to a picture of healthy teeth and say I would like those please and your dentist will say ok another cool thing about toothpicks is that it is ok to bring them in carry-on bags at the airport because it’s not like you’re trying to smuggle an entire tree it’s just a very small part of a tree and that’s legal in almost all countries also they are very easy to break in half in case you want to do that for whatever reason call now and if you order five hundred toothpicks you will get nothing free that’s right not even more toothpicks the industry is really struggling right now and we really don’t have much to spare but with your aid we ca n com menc e t he to othp ic k re v olu ti o n


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